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About the KnowledgeBase

Why not the KB?

What is the KnowledgeBase?

The KnowledgeBase (KB) is a platform for easily creating, displaying, sharing, and managing web-based knowledge documents. It is designed to provide constituents within the University of Wisconsin-Madison and other institutions of higher education with a central location for storing and maintaining knowledge. The KnowledgeBase empowers end users to easily locate information for themselves online. It also allows partners to create, categorize, and maintain that knowledge easily. The KB contains a wide variety of searchable information, including technical documents, directions, policies, and procedures.

Campus Partners

The University of Wisconsin-Madison KnowledgeBase currently features more than 300 on-campus partner groups. These partner groups include academic departments, administrative groups, and technology service providers. Each group administers its own KnowledgeBase site to best serve its audience of users. However, because one of the KnowledgeBase project's main goal is to encourage information sharing and collaboration among partner groups, each group is also able to share relevant content with other sites.

Institution Partners

In addition to on-campus partner sites, we partner with other institutions of higher learning to provide KnowledgeBase services using our hosted KnowledgeBase service:

KnowledgeBase partners customize their KnowledgeBase instance to maintain a consistent look and feel for their users. Because we operate in a shared environment, all of our partners can also take advantage of existing KnowledgeBase content shared by both the University of Wisconsin-Madison and other institution partner sites.

Want Your Own KB?

For more information about the KB or setting up a site for your department, school, or institution, please contact us via email:

If you are ready to request a new KB site, please fill out our site questionnaire.

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