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KB User's Guide - General Info - Username and Password Help

This document provides some basic guidance on Active Directory and local login procedures for the KB Admin Tools.

The information provided here specifically applies to any group accessing the /kbAdminTools/ directory, the login screen for which is shown below:

This login screen will have a KB Admin Tools header as well as username and password fields. It will not contain any reference to your specific institution.


Usernames must be "fully qualified", meaning that you must include an '@' sign followed by your institution's domain.

  • This means the correct username will appear in the format "", with username being your personal username, and mydomain being your institution's domain.

  • For some institutions (though not all), your username will effectively be the same as your email address.


For institutions who use Active Directory for authentication, your KB password will be the same as your Active Directory password.

  • If you need this password reset, contact the person or group responsible for managing Active Directory credentials at your institution.

For any institution using local login for the KB (generally limited to sites created for demonstration purposes), your password may differ from the one used for other services you authenticate to in your institution.

  • If you need this password reset, contact your KB site administrator for assistance.

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