1. Technology and Software Recommendations for Most Western Classes
  2. How to use E-Fax [Campus login required]
  3. Check Voicemail From Off-Campus [Campus login required]
  4. Using the MiCollab Client
  5. Setting up Mitel MiCollab - Windows
  6. Viewing your Class Schedule
  7. Using Google Voice on a Mobile Device
  8. Using Google Voice on a Computer
  9. Google Voice - Setting Up an Account
  10. Market Money - Checking and Adding to your balance
  11. Forwarding your Student Email
  12. WESTERN-STUDENT Wireless Connection Issue for Mac
  13. Western Print Balance
  14. Revit System Requirements
  15. Computer Hardware Specifications
  16. Lockdown Browser for MacOS Download and Install
  17. Lockdown Browser for Windows Download and Install
  18. Scheduling Zoom Meetings
  19. Guides for using Zoom in the Classroom [Campus login required]
  20. Zoom Account Settings [Campus login required]
  21. Zoom Meeting Tools [Campus login required]
  22. Set up Free Zoom Account
  23. Remote Desktop from Mac to Windows 10
  24. Remote Desktop from Mac to Windows 10 RDSH [Campus login required]
  25. Zoom - Best Practices and Troubleshooting Issue
  26. Student's Guide for Online Learning Apps
  27. Using Microsoft Teams in the Classroom
  28. Find the Computer Name and IP Address [Campus login required]
  29. Using Camtasia Off-Campus [Campus login required]
  30. Student 1098-T Tax Form
  31. Find Western Student Email Address
  32. Unofficial Transcripts
  33. Office 365 Flow Approvals - Power Automate [Campus login required]
  34. Using Microsoft Teams [Campus login required]
  35. Adding to the Start Menu and Taskbar
  36. Blackboard Learn Student Quick Start Guide
  37. File Storage Options for Staff and Students
  38. WESTERN-STUDENT Wireless Connection Issue for Windows
  39. Wireless Network Information
  40. MyWestern Portal Login Information
  41. Remove Saved Passwords from Web Browsers
  42. Clearing Web Browser Cache and Cookies
  43. Change Pop-Up Blocker Settings
  44. Setup Western Email Account on a Mobile Device
  45. Using Remote Desktop Connection On Campus [Campus login required]
  46. Using Remote Desktop Connection Off Campus
  47. Two-Factor Email Authentication for Off Campus [Campus login required]
  48. Using Drop-off for Data Transfer
  49. Use Software Center to Install an Application [Campus login required]
  50. Install a Network Printer [Campus login required]
  51. Emergency Notification System
  52. Install Office 365 on a Personal Device
  53. Password Reset
  54. Windows: Creating Folders and Subfolder 2