View Progress and Create Course Plan

The View Your Progress (My Progress) section provides an overall view of your progress towards your degree, allows you to do a degree audit and create a course plan.

The Help feature in Colleague Self-Service is adaptive and will provide help topics relative to the current page you are viewing in Self-Service. Please click the “? Help” link in the upper right corner of the page for additional assistance. 


Instructions to Access MyWestern (Self-Service New)  

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on the Current Students link 
  3. Click on the MyWestern link 
  4. Click on the Self-Service New link 
  5. Login by entering your student email address as the username and your password.    

Using the View Your Progress section:

  1. Select Student Planning from the Self-Service home page

  2.  Select the View Your Progress option from the Planning Overview page 

  3. At a Glance - provides a quick view of your progress which includes the number of credits completed and your GPA.

      1. Program Notes Section - This section contains notes information for all students enrolled in the program from the program chair.

  4. Requirements Section - shows the details for your academic program, in real time. This is an audit which lists the courses needed to complete the degree and the status for each course.
      1. The status is color coded.
        1. Red = Not Started
        2. Yellow = Planned/In Progress
        3. Green = Completed

      2. The Search button in each course section allows you to search for courses which will meet the academic requirements for specific areas, such as History courses.


        1.  When searching for possible courses, there is a filter section to aid in the search. Students can choose the “Open Sections” and a variety of other filtering options to narrow down the search options to meet the student’s needs.

  5. View New Program - If you are thinking about switching to a different program, this feature will allow you to see what courses from your current program will transfer to a different program.  Click the View a New Program button.
      1. When considering a new program, there are two options to choose from. After you select the desired option, please click the View Program button.
        1. View programs which are related to the student’s current program and the progress for any courses taken which will transfer to the new program.
        2. View a different program that isn’t related to the student’s current program.

      2. When a student views another program, this only creates a “What If” scenario and it does not enroll the student in the program. This viewing allows the student to see what would be required if they changed their program.

  6. Load Sample Course Plan - This feature allows a student to build a sample plan which provides a timeline and a list of suggested courses, by term for your current program.
      1. To begin loading the Sample Course Plan, please select the first term for the plan and the desired program.

      2. Select Preview Plan.

      3. The example of the course work needed to complete the program displays.

      4. Select Load to add this course plan to your program. After the plan has loaded, a message appears to let you know the courses have been added to your plan.

      5. After the course plan loads, students can view their courses in a schedule view or a timeline view.
        1. Timeline view - This allows the student to see the plan by sessions and which courses they should be taking that session to finish the program. This view allows students to see which courses may have prerequisites.

        2. Schedule view - This option provides a calendar view of the student’s schedule or proposed schedule to determine the various schedule scenarios

      6. To add a course, open the Schedule view and on the left side listings, under the list of courses, click on the View Other Sections for a course.

        1. The selected courses will appear in the calendar.

        2. To finalize adding a course, click on the course name on the left side menu, then click Add Section.

        3. After a section has been added to the student’s course plan, it will appear in yellow on the calendar schedule view

      7. After adding the planned courses, this will adjust the view of the My Progress page, so it includes the additional planned courses. Click on Student Planning, select My Progress to see the updated view.

        1. The My Progress will now show the planned courses that haven’t been taken in yellow. This will also update the details and courses listed in the Requirements section of the My Progress page. 


To finalize the schedule, a student needs to register for the courses. Please refer to the Course Registration document for instructions on how to register for the courses.

If you need further assistance please contact the PC Service Help Desk at 608-789-6266 or

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