Using Drop-off for Data Transfer

This document provides instructions on how to securely transmit sensitive data internally and externally. Drop-off can also be used for sending large files. The maximum file size for the data transfer is 20 GB.

To Send Sensitive Data:

1. Go to

2. Login using your network username and password. 

Login to Drop-off

3. Select Drop-off from the list.

Select Drop off

4. Add the recipients.

a. To send to one person: 

i. Enter the email address of the recipient. You do not have to enter the person's name. 

ii. Click Add & Close.

Add Recipient Email Address

b. To send to multiple people:

i. Click Add Many

Add Multiple Recipients

ii. Enter the email addresses for all the recipients. There can only be one recipient listed per line. There cannot be any symbols in the email address, such as < or >.

(If you need to send sensitive data to a specific group of recipients on a regular basis, it will be easier if you enter the list of email addresses in a document and save the document. You can then copy and paste the list each time you need to send sensitive data to this group. Saving this information in a text file, such as Note Pad, works better.)

iii. Click Verify  

Add Email Addresses for Several Recipients 

5. Enter a message in the Short Note to Recipients box. 

Enter Message to Recipients

6. To add the data file, select Click to Add Files or Drag Them Here

Click Add Files

a. Navigate to the location of the file and select it or drag the file to the button location.

Drag and Drop File to Here

7. The file name will appear on the lower part of the screen after it has been added.

File Has Been Added

8. Click Drop-off Files to send the data. 

Send the Data

9. Logout when you are finished.

10. You will receive an email when the recipient has picked up the file.

*Files are automatically deleted from Drop-off 14 days after they have been uploaded.

To Receive Sensitive Data from Someone Outside of Western Technical College:

1. Go to

2. Login using your network username and password.

Login Using Your Western Credentials

3. Select Request a Drop-off from the list.

Select Request a Drop Off

4. Enter the following information:

a. Name of the person

b. Person’s email address

c. Subject of the email

5. Enter your message requesting the sensitive data in the Note section. 

6. Click Send the Request

Enter Information and Click Send the Request

7. Logout when you are finished.

8. Your request will be valid for 7 days.

If you need further assistance please contact the PC Service Help Desk at 608-789-6266 or

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