How to Order Course Materials from eCampus

This document will provide information about ordering textbooks and course materials online from eCampus, Western's online bookstore.

In addition to following the steps listed below for ordering course materials, you can view this tutorial video on how to use eCampus:

1. Go to

2. The easiest way to find the books you need is to Shop by Schedule. Click the Shop by Schedule link.


3. You will need to sign in with your Western student account. Click the Sign-In Via Your School Account link.


a. When asked for your credentials, please use the same username and password that you use to login to your Western student email account.


4.  Select the term you need to purchase books for.


5.  A list of books will appear which is based on the courses you have registered for. Please note that some courses do not require a textbook. Some courses may require more than one book.

6. There are various options for purchasing books:

  1. Rent a Book
  2. Buy a Used Book
  3. Buy a New Book
  4. Rent a Digital Ebook
  5. Marketplace Options – Lists other vendors for purchasing the book
  6. Buy Courseware – provides a digital access code which may be added to the digital bookshelf or emailed to you.


7. After you have made your selections, select Add Items to Cart.  


8. A window opens which allows you to review the items you selected. You can Continue Shopping or Go to Cart


9. When you Go to Cart, you can double check to make sure everything is correct and then select Proceed to Checkout


10. The Switch to Ship It Faster window opens. This window asks if they can select a different book option for you in case the option you selected isn’t available, such as switch from a used book to a new book. After you make your selection, click Proceed to Checkout


11. If you purchase a Courseware book, these are usually added to the Digital Bookshelf. This purchase appears as an eTextbook Designation, and you need to select whether this purchase is for yourself or another person. 


12. Enter your Billing Address information. 


a. If you select the Ship to Campus option, then you need to select the campus where you want to go to pick up your books. This automatically fills in the address of the campus where you will go to pick up your books. You will need to enter your name and a phone number when selecting the option to ship to one of the campus locations.


13. Choose your shipping method. Orders over $59 will be shipped for free. 


14. Entering Payment Methods

    1. If you have Financial Aid funds available for purchasing books, it will be listed in the Payment Method section. If you do not want to use your Financial Aid funds to purchase books, please uncheck the box for this field.FinancialAidAvailable
    2. If you want to use your Financial Aid funds to cover the full cost, please enter the amount in the Applied box to equal the total cost of the books listed in the CART section.
    3. If you are renting a book, you need to fill out the Pay with Credit Card section to secure your rental. You will not be charged anything at the time of purchase if you are using a different payment method, such as Financial Aid. If you do not return the rental or if the book is damaged, your credit card will be used to pay for these fees.
    4. For the Billing Address, you can select to use the Same as Shipping Address or enter a different address.


15.  After you enter your billing and payment information, click Continue. The next step allows you to review your order and then you can place the order.

Here is a link to the e-Campus Help Desk for additional information:

If you need further assistance please contact the PC Service Help Desk at 608-789-6266 or

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