Windows 11 Multitasking

This document will go over some of the new multitasking features that come with Windows 11.

Windows Snapping

1. Windows snapping functions similar to Windows 10.
    a. The Windows 11 version allows different templates for you to select from.
2. There are two different methods to snap an app/window.
    a. Hover over the Resize icon of the app/window.


        i. Select the template you would like to use.


    b. Open an app/window that you would like to snap and click and drag it to the top of the screen.
        i. Select the template you would like to use. 


3. After snapping, it will give you the option to snap other open apps/windows to fill the template.
4. To unsnap an app/window, press the Resize icon for the app/window.

Desktop Switcher

1. You can find this icon on your Taskbar.


    a. If you do not see the desktop icon please refer to Windows 11 Taskbar Knowledge Base document for instructions on how to add it.
2. Desktop switcher allows you to create multiple desktops on your computer for workflow.


3. You can have different apps open on each desktop to stay organized.
4. While in the Switch desktop view, you can hover over your open desktops to see what applications are open on each desktop.
5. To close a Desktop, hover over the Desktop you would like to close and click the X.


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