Windows 11 Start Menu

This document gives a brief overview of the Start Menu changes with Windows 11

Start Menu Layout and Settings
1. The most noticeable difference is that the start menu is now centered above the taskbar. 
2. The start menu now not only includes applications but recommended documents. 
    a. These are documents that you have recently worked on, downloaded, or opened. 


3. To edit your Start Menu options, right-click anywhere on the start menu and click Start settings.

    a. You can change the default settings to More pins or More recommendations.

4. You can search for a file or program using the search bar.
Apps and Pins

All applications installed can be found in your Apps.
1. With the Start Menu open click on the All apps button on the right.

2. You can use the search bar or scroll to find a specific app.

3. You can right-click on an app to Uninstall, Open Location, Run as admin, and pin. 
    App Right click

Pin Management
1. Pinning apps can be done in Two ways.
    a. Single pins
    b. Group Pins
        i. Will show the first 4 icons of the pinned group.
           Group Pin
        ii. You can edit the group name by selecting the group and clicking Edit Name and entering a name.
            Edit Group Name
        iii. The name will be displayed under the group in the pinned apps section.
            Group with name
2. To pin an app right-click from your app list and click the Pin to Start option. 
    Pin to start

    a. To unpin an app, you can right-click a pinned app and click the Unpin from Start option.
3. With multiple pinned apps, you can scroll on the pinned section to get to the second page of pinned apps.
    a. You can move a pinned app to the Front page by right-clicking on an app and clicking Move to front.
         Move to front

Sign Out and Lock

1.  To sign out, open the start menu and click your User Profile in the bottom left corner. 
   User Profile

    a. Click Sign Out.
        Sign out
        ii.    You can also lock your computer by clicking Lock.

Power Options

With the Start menu open, click the Power Icon in the bottom right corner. 

1. You will find the following options
    a. Sign-in options 
    b. Sleep 
    c. Shut down 
    d. Restart
    Power Options

2. If you are connected using Remote Desktop you will also find the Disconnect option.

3. A Power button with a Yellow circle means you have updates to complete.
     Update icon on power button

    a. Click on the power button and select either:
        i. Update and Shutdown
        ii. Update and restart
           Update options

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