Windows 11 Taskbar

This document provides information about the new Windows 11 Taskbar.

Taskbar Alignment

1. By default, the Taskbar is not Center Aligned.
Taskbar Centered

2. You can change to Left Align by right-clicking on the taskbar and clicking Taskbar settings.

    a. Then go to Taskbar behaviors.
        i. In the Taskbar alignment drop-down select Left. Now, your taskbar will start on the left side of the screen.
        ii. You can also change other settings such as Taskbar on all displays and Auto-hide and switch what items show up on your Taskbar.


The widgets Icon can be found in the lower left of the screen. 

1. Widget Icons (from left to right on the image)

    a. My Feed - Takes you to for more news articles
    b. Video - Shows you videos based on your interests
    c. Add Widgets - Allows you to add default categories for your news feed
    d. Refresh - Updates the news articles on your feed
    e. Expand - Changes your widgets screen to full screen
    f. Settings - Gives you a few settings you can change.
2. Widget Customization
    a. By clicking the three dots on an article you can
        i. Up-vote - More stories like this
        ii. Down-vote - Fewer stories like this
        iii. Hide stories from the article's source
        iv. Manage Interests - This lets you select more interests for your feed.
        v. Save the article
        vi. Report
    b. Pinned Widgets settings - Click on the three dots on your pinned widget.
        i. Resize the widget
        ii. Customize the Widget
        iii. Unpin Widget

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