Using the MiCollab Client

This document includes instructions for using the Mitel MiCollab client.
Before using the SoftPhone feature you must enable the client.  
1. Click on the SoftPhone number in the lower right of the window.


2. Click on the SoftPhone slider.


Setting your Call Status
1. Click on your profile picture in the top right of the window.


2. Click on the Drop-Down and select your preferred status.

Making a Call
1. Click in the search box at the top of the window.


2. Enter your call information
a. When calling an internal number enter the name of the user
i.  Hover over the name and click on the Phone icon


ii. Click on the Contact Badge. While on the Contact Information screen click on the Phone icon. 


b. When calling an external number enter 1 followed by the area code and number.
i.  Click on the Contact badge to dial number.


Receiving a Call
1. If the MiCollab application is open you can click on the green Accept button.


2. If the MiCollab application is minimized click the app icon on the taskbar.


a. Click the green Accept button. 

1. Home
a. The Home view allows you to add Speed Dial, Contacts, Groups and also provides a summary of your call and chat details in the Inbox Section.
i. Refer to Managing Home Screen section below for information on this feature.

2. Contacts
a. Contacts provide a list of Western contacts along with your Favorites and Groups.
i. Refer to the Managing Contacts section below for more information on this feature.
b. Hover over a contact for quick communication options or click on the Contact Badge.


3. Call History
a. Provides your call history for dialed, received, and missed calls. 

4. Voicemail
a. Allows you to play, delete and forward your voicemail messages.

1. To add a shortcut to your Home Screen you have two options:
a. Right Click in the empty space.


b. Click on the three vertical dots in the top right.


2. Select type of shortcut you would like to add to your Home screen:


a. Add URL
i.  Create a shortcut to website
1. Enter a Title and the full URL and then click Save.


b. Add Speed Dial
i. Create a shortcut for a external number.
1. Enter a Name and Phone number and then click Save.


c. Add Contact
i. Creates a Contact Badge shortcut
1. Enter the Name and select the user.


2. Click Done.


d. New Group 
i. Refer to the Managing Contacts section below for more information on this feature.

e. Add Group
i. Add a created group shortcut.
1. Select a group from your created groups and click Done.


Managing Contacts 

Groups -  Favorites and User Created groups.
1. Favorites 
a. Select the Favorites group.


i. Click the three vertical dots and select Add Contacts

ii. Enter the Name of the user.


iii.  Select the user and click Done.

b. Search for a Name and click the Star icon in the top right of their User Page. 

2. Create New Group
a. Click on the three vertical dots and select New Group

b. Enter a group name and select your participants.


c. Click Create.

3. Edit Existing Group
a. Select the a Existing group.

b. Click the three vertical dots and select Add Contacts.


c. Enter the Name and click Done.

Personal -  Personal contacts from your 365 account.
1. Personal contacts can not be managed in the MiCollab client.

Corporate -  A list of all Western Employees
1. You can search the Corporate for Western users information
a. When selecting a user you call, chat, email and add to favorites.
i. Click the Star icon in the top right to add to favorites.



You will still receive email messages about voicemails. The Micollab app will use the same voicemail greeting set on your physical phone.  

1. Select the Voicemail view.


2. Click on a recent voicemail.


3. Click the play button to listen to the voicemail.


4. To call back press the Green Call Back button.


5. To delete the message click the Red Delete button.


If you need further assistance please contact the PC Service Help Desk at 608-789-6266 or

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